Motivation Tips For Getting Fit at Home: Our Top 5

Tips for getting fitAfter setting up a brand-new home gym, there inevitably comes the point where you need some motivational tips for getting fit at home. Maybe you just aren’t seeing the physical changes to your body that you were expecting, or maybe you are simply having a hard time cramming a full exercise routine into a busy day, but there will be a point when you might need a motivational boost.

Here are five tips for staying motivated while getting fit at home:

Tips for Getting Fit #1: Diversify Your Workouts with the Rule of 3

One common problem is not taking full advantage of all the exercises that are possible to do on your home gym equipment. As a result, you may be doing the same exercise over and over again, rather than taking advantage of the full range of your home gym. At a certain point, all that repetition can get boring.

So that’s why many fitness gurus recommend setting a 3 x weekly goal target for specific exercises on home gym pieces of equipment. For example, you would work out your arms 3 x a week, you would work out your legs 3 x a week, and you would work out your chest and back 3 x a week. That gives you a fun, diversified workout.

Tips for Getting Fit #2: Share Your Goals with Friends

This is a quick and easy psychological trick that you can play on yourself – share your goals with someone else, who will then hold you to account on how you are achieving their goals. You won’t just be letting down yourself, you will be letting down your partner. Even better, you can pre-arrange for some type of “punishment” if you fail to meet your goals. Some people, for example, arrange to pay a financial penalty to their workout partner if they cancel a workout.

Tips for Getting Fit #3: Re-think the Timing of Your Workouts

Many people with a busy schedule complain that they simply don’t have time for a full 60-minute workout –even when they have a home gym. For these people, there’s never enough time. So the key might be to shrink that 60-minute workout into two 30-minute, three 20-minute or four 15-minute sessions.

The key selling point of a home gym is that you have that type of flexibility. You don’t have to worry about driving to a gym or changing in the locker room afterwards, so if all you can fit in is a 15-minute routine, than go for it. Just getting into the pattern of sticking to your fitness routine is a huge motivator.

Tips for Getting Fit #4: Write Down Your Goals and Track Them

The problem with many goals and resolutions is that we don’t quantify them. We say things like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to become more fit,” but fail to put any numbers against them. If you write down your goals and then track them, you have a built-in motivator – you can see exactly how you’re doing. Write down how many sets or reps you want to do, and stick to it. And, thanks to new fitness and activity trackers, you may not even need a pencil and paper anymore – all you may need is your smartphone to track all these goals and come up with a personalized coaching routine.

Tips for Getting Fit #5: Celebrate Your Big Wins

tips for gettingIn the field of motivational psychology, there’s the carrot and there’s the stick. Sometimes, you need to reach for that carrot. In other words, treat yourself every now and then when you’ve reached your fitness goals. This can be something as simple as buying yourself a new workout outfit as a reward, or yes, even indulging in some forbidden food items every now and then.

With these five simple motivational tips for getting fit at home, you’ll find that you’ll stick to your plans, and achieve your goals.