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While there’s a home gym for every fitness and budget level, the choice of what makes the best all in one gym equipment for your home depends on your preferences for functionality and design, as well as the diversity of your overall fitness program.

The right compact home gym blends a mix of versatility, durability and compact size to help you get fit at home when you want, where you want.

What You Need To Know About the Best All In One Gym

Are you a local gym person or do you prefer the privacy and freedom of your own, personally designed gym at home? If you are still not sure, then a quick scan of  the pros and cons might help.

If the home gym is the way you want to go, then the best all in one gym machine will be a good, compact and affordable option for all levels off fitness training at home.

Want to Get Leaner and Fitter?

Marcy 150lb Stack Gym
Marcy 150lb Stack Gym

One good option for a compact home gym is the Marcy 150lb Stack Home Gym.

It’s compact, versatile and durable. However it only comes with a 150-pound weight stack. This means it’s geared more toward light and moderate exercisers who are looking to get leaner and more fit, without necessarily adding bulked up muscle.

This is a good, low cost all in one gym machine for someone starting up their first home gym.

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Body-Solid G1S
Body-Solid G1S

Another good option that combines the best in design functionality is the Body-Solid G1S. It includes 5 workout stations and enables more than 40 exercises.

It comes with a 160-pound weight stack and has a small enough footprint to make it a good option for anyone looking for a compact home gym. At a slightly higher price, it adds significantly more to your home fitness program.

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Best All in One Gym for Athletes and Serious Exercisers.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage
Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

For competitive athletes or other serious exercisers looking to get into top physical shape, there’s the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage, which is a highly durable machine.

As with all Marcy machines, it’s known for its smooth functionality.

It draws high marks for quality and versatility, and is known as one of the best all in one gyms on the market.

Bowflex Extreme2 SE
Bowflex Extreme2 SE

If you’re looking for a truly comprehensive workout, the line of home gyms from Bowflex – including the Bowflex Xtreme2 SE, Bowflex PR1000  and Bowflex Blaze all draw high ratings from U.S. consumer reviewers.

What makes these Bowflex machines truly unique among compact home gyms is that there are no weight stacks to move around. The Bowflex uses something called “power rod technology” that makes it possible to deliver resistance via rods, cables and pulleys.

And it’s wonderfully versatile – while many home machines may limit you to 20-25 exercises, the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE gives you a full body workout with more than 70 exercise options.

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Like to Exercise with a Friend?

And, if you’d rather not exercise by yourself at home, there are some all in one home gyms that give you the option to exercise with others.

Yukon Wolverine Mulit Station Home Gym

The Yukon Wolverine Multi-Station, for example, has 4 different stations and 27 different possible exercises. While it’s not nearly as compact as some of the other options, it does enable several people to exercise at once.

If you live in a small apartment, this might not be the right choice for you – but it could easily become part of a home gym in a basement. And, best of all, it would allow you to work out with your significant other at the same time.

Get Fit at Home in the Best All in One Gym to Suit You.

Getting fit at home can become a reality, thanks to the number of all in one gym machines at a wide range of price points. Using a single piece of equipment for multiple exercises is a great way to save the time and expense of a gym membership, and still get in a diverse exercise program to get you leaner, fitter and stronger.

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