Best Home Gym for Boomer Health and Fitness


best home gym
Maintaining fitness is essential for health of the baby boomers.

Setting up the best home gym is becoming an important lifestyle choice for members of the Baby Boomer generation.

Maintaining fitness helps them overcome growing health issues such as obesity and chronic disease and a home gym is an option which would also encourage improvement of strength, endurance and flexibility. For many Boomers, the best way to reach their fitness and wellness goals will be the installation of a compact, all-in-one home gym. (more…)

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Boomer Fitness Trends: Getting Fitter Is In!


boomer fitness trendsAre you ready to join one of the newest boomer fitness trends? The latest statistics show that the number of Baby Boomers – older adults born between 1946 and 1964 during the post-World War II baby boom – taking up fitness training is on the upswing.

Editors Note: 2017 Update. Recent Research has proven a direct link between weight training and improved memory and delayed onset of symptoms of Alzheimers and Dementia. Click here to see our full report. (more…)

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Motivation Tips For Getting Fit at Home: Our Top 5

Tips for getting fitAfter setting up a brand-new home gym, there inevitably comes the point where you need some motivational tips for getting fit at home. Maybe you just aren’t seeing the physical changes to your body that you were expecting, or maybe you are simply having a hard time cramming a full exercise routine into a busy day, but there will be a point when you might need a motivational boost. (more…)

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Best Home Gym Review: Our Top 5

This is a home gym review with a difference.

For your convenience, we have looked at a wide variety of top reviewers and drawn together the best recommendations.

We have set out the our advice in a way that we believe will help you to set up your own home gym.

When deciding to purchase workout equipment for a  home gym, there are  number of important factors to keep in mind. Two of the most important are your budget and your fitness goals. (more…)

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