Top 10 Fitness Trackers With Watch – 2018

Ever since the first Fitbit debuted back in 2008, the idea of using wearable devices to track health and everyday exercise performance has gained momentum. Fitness trackers with watch is the latest development and these devices have now been adopted by just about everyone as a health and wellness tool, especially as fitness trackers with watch functionality has improved beyond just counting steps. Much has changed in fitness trackers since we did our 2016 review.

The best fitness trackers with watch on the market today now include accurate heart rate monitors and full integration with online health ecosystems, and sometimes even personal coaching support. Moreover, overall form and design has changed as well, especially with the launch of the first Apple Watch three years ago. Devices that look and perform exactly like smartwatches have now supplanted wearable devices that once were designed to be worn as a band or a clip-on. (more…)

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Top 10 Health Tips to Slow Down Aging

slow down agingThis article was updated in January 2019

The aging of the Baby Boomer generation is leading to an increased focus on whether it’s possible to slow down aging. Each day, more than 10,000 Baby Boomers hit the age of 65, and there is a concern by health authorities that increasing health issues of the boomers mean that demands on the health system will rise dramatically.

Much attention has been given to whether the boomers are financially ready for their retirement, but being physically ready might be just as important. The average boomer may be able to look forward to another 20 years of life after retirement. The important question is then,

The important question is then, are we physically ready to be able to enjoy our longer life expectancy? (more…)

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Top Three Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors to Stay Fit, not Fat

healthy eating tips for seniorsKnowing healthy eating tips for seniors becomes important as you get older because your body’s metabolism slows down, reducing the number of calories that you need. If you continue to eat the way you did when you were younger, your body simply can’t keep up and you will put on weight, which could lead to obesity and other chronic health issues.

With that in mind, here are 3 top healthy eating tips for seniors: (more…)

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Fitness Trackers: Are They Worth It?

Fitness TrackersFitness trackers represent one of the fastest growing segments of the wearable technology market. Driven by this consumer demand, leading brands such as Fitbit, and Garmin continue to develop new fitness trackers with a wide range of functionality.

New trackers have the ability to measure such things as heart rate, respiration rate and skin temperature. (more…)

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