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More people than ever before have torn up their expensive membership gym contracts as they have discovered the benefits of a home gym machine. They have decided to take their personal fitness and wellness into their own hands.

One way to do this is by using an all in one workout machine, which is basically a self-contained home gym capable of working out every part of your body – your arms, your legs, your chest, your back and your core.

What Are The Benefits of a Home Gym Machine?

In short, all in one workout machines make it possible to customize your workout in a way that’s just not possible by going to the local gym. Even the most basic all-in-one workout machines offer 20-25 exercises. In the case of Bowflex machines, there are 70-75 different exercises. That gives you enormous flexibility in customizing your workout routine according to your fitness goals.

These all in one workout machines are also easier to work into your busy schedule. If you have a crazy work schedule or a lot of family responsibilities, it’s just so much easier to fit a workout into your schedule if you have a gym at home. Imagine walking down the hallway to squeeze in a quick 30-minute workout session. Much easier than jumping in the car, driving to the gym, showering, and then driving back home.

Most importantly, it’s possible to see real results using these gym machines faster than if you used free weights. That’s because these all in one workout machines are designed to take each muscle through a full range of motion. This ensures that you are working the muscle to its full capacity.

When using free weights, such as those commonly found at a gym, there’s an incentive to “cheat” on your reps. Moreover, as you get older, there’s the risk of injury at the gym from putting too much stress on parts of your body like your back.

So, if you’ve decided that an all-in-one workout machine is for you, what are your options?

How to Get the Benefits of a Home Gym Machine.

The good news is that there are plenty of options for every budget price point and for every workout ability level. You need to start first by evaluating your fitness and wellness goals.

If your goal is to bulk up and build muscle, for example, you’ll want a different type of machine than if you are looking to become lighter and leaner. The best all in one gyms for the home blend a mix of versatility, durability and compact size.

One good option that combines the best in design and functionality is the Marcy 150lb Stack Home Gym. It includes a variety of workout stations and enables more than 40 exercises. It comes with a 150-pound weight stack and has a small enough footprint to make it a good option for anyone looking for a compact home gym.

For competitive athletes or other serious exercisers looking to get into top physical shape, there’s the Bowflex line of home gyms. These include the Bowflex Xtreme2 SE, Bowflex PR1000 and Bowflex Blaze – are all known for how many exercise options they make possible, up to 75 per machine.

The exercise benefits of a home gym machine are hard to ignore. And with so many different options available at different price points, doing the cost-benefit analysis for a home gym machine just got a lot easier.