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How to maintain and improve fitness at home

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing our lives on a daily basis. We are all having to learn new ways of living, we are all needing to consider the way we relate to others, and most importantly how we stay healthy.

Get in shape at home has been exploring the value and benefits of keeping fit based on successful health regimes at home and equipment that anyone can have at home. Now that we cannot go to the gym, it is definitely the time to stay home, get fit, stay fit, beat Covid-19.

Covid-19 appears to attack the respiratory system and the circulatory system so that exercises for the heart and lungs are important to maintain a healthy condition. The most at-risk members of the community are the elderly, so their health and fitness is vital to ensure that they have the best chance to pull through the effects of contracting the coronavirus. Our article slowing down aging dealt with this issue and we recommend you re-read it. Many of our other articles relate directly to the issues of exercising in the home and are particularly relevant now that gyms have closed for the foreseeable future.

Why physical activity is important

While little is known at the time of writing about how the Coronavirus actually works, there are things we can do, in addition to social distancing, to improve our ability to withstand the worst effects of the virus. The health of our immune system is critical, and there is significant evidence that regular exercise plays an important part in strengthening and maintaining our immunity.

workout at home


For those of you ready to start exercising at home, we recommend the article on getting in shape at home as a starter. If you are setting up your gym at home for the first time, then we recommend you read our look at items to help fitness at home. If it’s time to get serious about your own home gym equipment, then you can’t go past our many reviews of equipment that can be used at home.

From starting with the basics, ideas for improving your health at home, through variations to deal with boredom and tips on staying motivated, there are articles covering every aspect of how to stay home, get fit, stay fit, beat Covid-19.

Look after yourself, practice physical distancing, and keep active to stay well.