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This article was updated in April 2019


Weight Training For Weight Loss, Fitness and Health

If you’re starting out with a new fitness program, are you doing weight training for weight loss, for fitness, or for your general health.

Of course, there is some overlap here, but the choice of your goal will definitely influence the type of workout program that you start.

For example, assume that your priority goal is weight loss. Maybe you’ve noticed that you’ve started to add some extra kilograms in places you’d rather you didn’t.

Or maybe you’ve noticed that putting on extra weight has made you feel more sluggish in your everyday life. The solution here is to find ways to burn these excess calories in order to lose weight.

Weight Training for Weight Loss

weight training for weight lossEngaging in exercise that boosts your heart rate is the only proven way you will be able to burn sufficient calories to actually lose weight. There’s a certain mathematical logic involved here. You need to burn more calories each day than you’re putting into your body each day.

Cutting down your portions at every meal can help, but in practical terms, it means committing to either aerobic exercise such as running or cycling or a form of weightlifting known as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

With HIIT programs, you reduce the rest time between each set, while overloading the largest muscles of your body. This is a perfect process for weight training for weight loss.

Weight Training for Fitness

If, however, your primary goal is overall fitness, then you will need to focus on a combination of exercises that emphasize strengthening and toning your body. Your goal will be a lean, cut look.

That’s good news if you don’t want to be lifting a lot of heavy weights in the gym, because there are plenty of workout machines out there that can help you target and sculpt specific parts of your body.

The best way to achieve overall fitness is to divide your exercises into specific sets that will work very defined parts of your body. For example, you will want to work your upper body, lower body and core.

With your upper body, you’d want to have exercises that work your arms, shoulders, chest and back.

And for your lower body, you’d want to include exercises that work your hamstrings, quads and glutes.

To work your core, you’d want exercises that place a premium on stability, coordination and flexibility.

Health Benefits From Exercise

There are obvious health benefits from both types of exercise regimens. You may be running each day to burn calories, but all that running is also building a stronger heart. This is what physicians refer to as cardiovascular health.

Losing unwanted weight is also a way to reduce your risk of chronic diseases linked to obesity, such as diabetes. Every time you’re lifting weights, you’re not just building stronger muscles, you’re also building stronger bones.

That has obvious advantages for older individuals, who may be concerned about preventing, or at least, delaying the onset of osteoporosis.

What most people don’t realize, however, is that the health benefits are not just limited to physical health benefits. There are also mental health benefits to keep in mind. Physicians sometimes refer to this as “brain health.”

There is growing evidence that a steady workout regime can help to improve cognitive skills and delay the onset of diseases that may lead to the degeneration of your brain’s neurons. In short, you’re not just getting fitter, you’re also getting smarter.

Finally, there’s the emotional health component of any exercise regimen. For some people, it’s just the added benefit of working out with a companion. For others, it’s the “runner’s high” of getting the brain to activate the supply of “feel good” hormones. It can also be the self-confidence that comes from knowing that you look good and feel good.

The Efficiency of an All In One Workout Machine

The big question, then, is: What’s the best way of getting all of the weight training for weight loss, fitness and health benefits of exercise? One solution that many are embracing is the all in one workout machine. An example is the popular machines from Bowflex that you might see advertised in late night TV infomercials.

The reason is that a single machine enables you to work every part of your body through a comprehensive workout regime.
Think about it – if you bought a set of barbells and hand weights, you might be able to work out your arms and chest, but what about your lower body and core?

Ultimately, you might be able to work out a program of lunges and squats with hand weights. But you’d still have to invest in a full set of heavy weights and worry about putting too much strain on your back.

With an all in one workout machine, you’re free to create a highly customized, highly personalized workout regime, all from the comfort of home. You can divide up your routine to hit every area of the body –- even your “trouble spots”! This is an ideal way to do weight training for weight loss.

And, there are no heavy clanging of weights falling to the floor to worry about. You don’t have to worry about a chance for injury, either, by dropping weights or bending your back in strange positions as you strain to lift a heavy weight over your head. With these all in one machines, you are guided through a full range of safe exercise. For older individuals, these machines are a real benefit.

And, to get the full weight loss benefits of cardio exercise, you can also think about ways to create a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) circuit.

In just 30 minutes, you can actually create a highly effective exercise routine that continues to burn calories, even after you’ve finished exercise. (But be forewarned – you’ll be gasping for air like a champion athlete after running some sprints!)

How to Select an All In One Workout Machine

When it comes time to buying exercise equipment, whether it’s a stationary bike or full all in one gym machine, one important consideration is selecting workout equipment that can “grow” with you.

For example, the primary consideration of many people at the outset is just losing the weight. But over time, they begin to appreciate the other benefits of exercise. They learn more about how to work very specific zones of the body and how an all in one fitness machine can help.

These machines are so versatile and fit into so many different types of routines. You may use the machine for toning and strengthening. Your partner, however might use the machine for bulking up and adding muscle definition.

When you’re looking for the perfect all in one machine, you’ll want to keep certain key aspects in mind.  Consider the versatility of the machine and how it can help you reach your core workout goals. The good news is that there are plenty of machines out there, for every budget and every level of fitness.

So it’s time now to start your serious weight training for weight loss, fitness and health.

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